With love from St Ives

A special live recording of local musicians to launch the fundraising for Sustainable St Ives, a new charity for the St Ives community. Support us with a donation and we will thank you by sending a link for you to download the video.

The concert video features

  • Molly Hocking, winner of the Voice 2019
  • Bailey Tomkinson, iTunes chart sensation
  • Tir ha Tavas, Cornish contemporary folk
  • Charles Martin, classical pianist
  • Andy Bunce and Kevin Parsons, Gypsy, Flamenco and Latin fusion guitarists

Running Order

Andy Bunce and Kevin Parsons

Andy Bunce and Kevin Parsons
Andy Bunce and Kevin Parsons

Dark Eyes (Trad)

I Should Coco (Andy Bunce)

David Peters Flashlight, based at Bedford Road Church, the concert’s host

Tir ha Tavas

Tir ha Tavas
Dee and Dave Brotherton

Wassel Kernow (Delia and Dave Brotherton)

Hevva (Delia and Dave Brotherton)

Charles Martin

Charles Martin
Charles Martin

1st Movement, Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven)

Rondo Alla Turca (Mozart)

Porthia Ow Thre St Ives, My Home
Reading of the lyrics to this song written for St Ives Charter 2017. The Charter records the cultural, social and environmental assets local people hold dear.

Bailey Tomkinson

Bailey Tomkinson
Bailey Tomkinson

Movie Scene (Bailey Tomkinson)

Silent Suffering (Bailey Tomkinson)

Molly Hocking

Molly Hocking
Molly Hocking

Alive (Molly Hocking)

Running time approximately 49 minutes

With thanks to Isaac Thomas on sound

A French + Scott Media Production

This information is in a free booklet for download here.

What We Will Do

Sustainable St Ives provides a central point for people who care about the town, its people and its future, to help. SSI has been created solely to fundraise to provide grants for all the groups in the town, new initiatives, sustaining and developing current activities and to build community resilience and confidence for the long term.

2020 has shown us the immense positive capacity for community collaboration on which we would like to build with more centres for activity for local people. One idea is to turn the former home of Soggy the Bear author Phil Moran into a storytelling centre for everyone.

2021 will be a great challenge with the cost of economic damage to the town yet to be seen. What we do know is that businesses will be trying hard to succeed and to keep people in employment. One area of growth is in community development. This new charity is starting off that process.

Thank you for very much indeed for your support.

Best Wishes,

The Sustainable St Ives team

Jill Block

Matt Hayter

Keith Jones

Morag Robertson


Sustainable St Ives is awaiting registration with the Charity Commission, England. In the meantime proceeds from this concert will be held (ring-fenced for the purpose) by St Ives Community Land Trust. If you would like more details, please email

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