Molly - winner of the Voice 2019

New charity launched

A special concert to launch the new charity

Local musicians have been giving their time to a new charity for the St Ives community.
Molly Hocking, Bailey Tomkinson, Tir ha Tavas, Charles Martin and Andy Bunce and Kevin Parsons were recorded live at for the launch of Sustainable St Ives.

When people donate to the new charity, they will receive a video download of the concert. It was recorded at Bedford Road Church, the home of Flashlight youth club and the Tower Music project. A reading of the lyrics to St Ives Charter 2017 song is in there too.

Sustainable St Ives will provide a central point for people who care about the town, its people and its future, to help. It will not be undertaking its own projects but will be fundraising to provide grants for all the groups in the town, for affordable homes and workspaces, new initiatives, sustaining and developing current activities and to build community resilience and confidence for the long term.

To donate and to receive the video, check out the download page.