Old Vicarage Flats with scaffolding

Old Vicarage Flats Archive Film

St Ives Archive‘s second film commissioned by St Ives Community Land Trust.
This is the second film in the History Project series about the Old Vicarage Flats affordable housing project. This film explores how the area was developed and governed over the years.
Janet Axten (St Ives Archive) and Morag Robertson (Chair of St Ives CLT) start in the New Vicarage gardens at the rear of the Old Vicarage. Janet advises that people have been in touch about the Old Vicarage and the gardens. Someone had been in touch about living in the property and remembering overlooking the gardens and a green house.
Janet then moves onto the gardens and how it was used as a burial ground for 30 years for St Ives Parish Church before the Barnoon Cemetery was built. 
Redfern Court building was also mentioned in the film as it was a school for all working people in St Ives.   The school grew and extended by building the Parish Rooms, providing the school an extra 2 classrooms. St Ives Archive use to occupy the upstairs in 2003 and the Parish Rooms remained part of the Parish Church Council until 2015 where they decided to sell the Parish Rooms. St Ives Archive had to leave very quickly and they moved to Carbis Bay.  Unfortunately, the Parish Rooms have remained empty since.
Janet then explains how The Guildhall was built, knocking down several buildings to be able to build the council offices and a dance hall. 

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