Bedford Road Church Centre Project

Bedford Road Church

This project plans to retain Bedford Road Church, an asset used by the community since 1895, and keep it in use by the community in the future. The Coronavirus pandemic put a pause on visitors, but it enabled residents to rekindle a spirit of community. It was also a wake-up call to how we see our places in the future. We cannot move forward without understanding where we have come from. Key heritage buildings such as Bedford Road Church resonate with memories and hereditary connections which need to be preserved and shared as the legacy created by those who still remember. This engenders a deep sense of pride for the people now and who come after.  

We started working with the Bedford Road Church congregation in 2019. During the next couple of years, we explored possibilities for St Ives CLT to rent the premises and provide a variety of activities through other groups and organisations.

The numbers of those worshiping at the Church were dwindling each year and the decision was taken by the area Methodist Church to close the building in April 2023. This also meant the resident youth group, Flashlight was also without a home.

The intention of the Church since then has been to sell the building, and we expressed an interest in taking it on after we had secured the future of St Peters Street Studios (former Bible Christian Chapel). 

Now the Church has decided to go ahead with the sale. A band of volunteers, Flashlight and St Ives Town Council have helped St Ives CLT to get the building listed as an asset of community value.  This means the community will be allowed to make a bid for buying the building in a six-month period after the open marketing of the site.

The procedure is managed by Cornwall Council and the 6 month period is a legal requirement prior to any sale. The building is number 141 in the St Ives Area Neighbourhood Plan Appendix Non-Listed Heritage Assets.

We have been talking to local groups and people about their ideas for future uses for the building. The one strong idea is for a multi-use community/neighbourhood centre. Please complete this form to show your support and put forward ideas.

We need more volunteers to help get the bid in at the end of that 6 months or sooner. Please email us if you are happy to join that team.