Old Town Fire Station Project

Outside the Old Town Fire Station/Former St John’s Ambulance Station

Old Town Fire Station/Former St John’s Ambulance Station 

Behind the Parish Rooms off St Andrews Street is the old town Fire Station, more recently used as the St John’s Ambulance Station. The building is now vacant and in need of restoration. After consultation and in line with the St Ives Neighbourhood Plan, our project is to house 7 or 8 craft businesses with spaces at affordable rental rates and access to business support. We have interest from textile workers, a musical instrument maker, artists, leatherworker, jewellers and potters.
St Ives CLT is seeking to purchase the building from Cornwall Council, which owns the premises. The Council have been considering our purchase for some 6 years now. We are hoping to have this resolved in the Autumn of 2020, as the project is eligible for funding.