Carbis Bay Bakers

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Dinky Kennedy – 07814 574438

Since the first Covid lockdown in April 2020, a group of volunteers have been baking and delivering slices of homemade cake to their Carbis Bay community. A project which started with the need to reach out and support people who may be isolated, vulnerable, or just missing their family has continued to this day.

Dinky Kennedy, who was behind the idea, says, “I knew everyone was baking as all the flour disappeared from the supermarket shelves. So it was an extension of that really. Why not harness all that baking power and use it for the good of the community? Once that seed was planted it grew and grew. By July of that first year, we had seven teams delivering a hundred slices of cake.

‘Of course, things dwindled a bit as people went back to work and our volunteers came and went but over the course of the last three years, we have had nearly forty people give up their time to bake cakes or deliver them. Those doorstep chats were crucial to keeping people connected at a time of national isolation but we realised that this was the norm for many of them so we just kept going.”

If anyone is interested in joining the baking or delivering team in Carbis Bay or knows of anyone who would appreciate a delivery of homemade cake twice a month please contact Dinky on 07814574438.

The picture shows some of the current group of bakers and deliverers celebrating their 5,000th slice milestone with a piece of cake at a local café.

Clockwise from the top: Dinky, Cath, Jan, Morna, Alexis, Jackie, and Penny.