Brief introductory

St Ives Community Land Trust (CLT) is a non-profit organisation set up to promote and ensure democratic local ownership of land and buildings (assets) for the benefit of the local community.

CLTs are powerful examples of people taking control and transforming the future of their local community. They can provide housing, workspaces, community facilities or other assets which meet the needs of the community, are owned and controlled by the community and are made available at permanently affordable levels.

St Ives CLT is constituted as a Community Benefit Society, (the new name for an 
industrial & provident society) which is governed by the Financial Conduct Authority. This ensures that funds and assets are used solely for the purposes determined by the constitution. St Ives CLT is part of both the Cornwall CLT network and the 
National CLT network.

Along with other CLTs, there are 5 common principles:

  1. Community-controlled and community owned
  2. Open democratic structure
  3. Permanently affordable housing or other assets
  4. Not for profit
  5. Long-term stewardship

Additionally our aim is to facilitate the provision of community buildings, economic premises and affordable housing in St Ives, Carbis Bay, Lelant and Halsetown through conversion, retention or new developments.

How much does it cost?

£1 per member. This will be held by the CLT so that if the CLT is dissolved while he/she remains a member or within 12 months afterwards, up to £1 will be paid towards the costs of dissolution and the liabilities incurred by the Trust while the contributor was a member.

What happens when I become a member?

You can stand for election to our Board and vote in these elections.

You will receive invitations to all of our events and the Annual General meeting.

You will be regularly kept up to date on the CLT’s activities through an e-newsletter.

There are more than 150 CLTs in England and Wales, all part of the National CLT Network

What are your objectives?

1. protect existing community buildings for community use and increase such provision

2. promote local economic resilience through developing sites for small and medium sized business and industry

3. expand long term affordable housing supply

Who can be a member?

St Ives Community Land Trust has an open membership within the St Ives Town Council boundary and is open to any individual or organisation interested in promoting the aim and objectives.

How do I join?

Please click on the PayPal logo below to be taken to the checkout pages. Membership applications have to be approved by the Board.

Please note that any payment made will be assumed that you agree to the following terms:

You will promote the aims and objectives of St Ives CLT and you promise that if the CLT is dissolved while you remain a member within 12 months afterwards, to pay up to £1 towards the costs of dissolution and the liabilities incurred. You will enclose the £1 membership fee (refundable only if membership is not granted by the board). You will inform the Secretary of any changes to your contact details.