St Ives Community Foodshare Group

Welcome to St Ives Community Food Share! We are here to help the people of St Ives by connecting the resources available – people, food, and funds – to provide maximum benefit to the community.
Our objectives are to:
🍎Reduce supermarket food waste.
🍕Support those who are struggling financially, isolated or vulnerable to access food.
😃 We signed up for the Co-Ops food share program, so we collect the food that they are due to throw away every night and we give it away the same evening or the following day. There is always lots of bread, rolls, sometimes veggies; fruit, and occasionally ready meals, meat, and fish (may be frozen) that have passed their best before date. We also get food from other sources like mackerel from local fishermen, veggies from farmers’ fields, cooked meals from local chefs, and fresh produce bought from donations. (NB chef meals & bought produce are for our deliveries only)
What we do:
🍊 Collection – currently collection dates are Tuesday 12.30 pm; Friday 5.30 pm at the Palemon Best Carpark and Thursday 12 pm & Saturday night 8 pm at the Rugby club. (Social distancing applies.) Anybody is welcome to collect this free food, if not for yourself, then for someone else who might need it.
🍅 Deliveries – current delivery dates are Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday nights. If you are unable to come to collection days and you are self-isolating, shielding, are disabled, or have a chronic illness and are experiencing financial difficulties then we can deliver to your house. Please contact us so we can understand how to best support you.
😃 Connect you with a ‘buddy’ – there are many community volunteers that are available to help you access food by collecting food on one of our collection days or going to the shops for you. Please contact us and we can put you in touch with the appropriate people.