Friends of Edward Hain Hospital

In-patient wards at The Edward Hain Memorial Hospital in St. Ives were closed by the NHS in February 2016 due to fire safety and evacuation concerns. These have been deemed to be bogus – an objection to the use of drag mats, which are used in every hospital for patients on upper floors. Also, in its 97 years of service to the people, there has NEVER been a fire at this hospital.

In June 2016, the Friends of the Hospital efforts, aided by descendants of the hospital’s founder Sir Edward Hain, won their campaign with NHS Property Services, who agreed to fund the work initially deemed necessary. However then, the hospital managers, the NHS Cornwall Trust, said more work was needed. The bill they came up with was £900,000 (for what, exactly? They won’t say), progress halted again.

Doctors across the county have written to the Friends of the hospital, and all agree it essential. First opened in 1920, its almost 97-year record is impeccable, earning top rating by the Commission of Quality Care, and is also a GSF-accredited community hospital for end of life care.

Sir Edward Hain’s descendants are on board with the Friends of the Hospital to help reverse this closure. Please make your voice heard too! Thank you.

In December 2020, NHS announced that the Edward Hain Hospital will now be permanently closed.  This has now raised concerns on what will happen to the building.

In September 2022, the Town of St Ives joins in celebration to mark the fantastic achievement of the Friends of the Former Edward Hain and the local community in safeguarding the former Edward Hain hospital as a health and well-being centre.

The Friends, and those who campaigned before them, have worked tirelessly to save the hospital over many years, and the community and the Council have stood with them.

The prospects for the site looked bleak, following the NHS’ decision to close the hospital and sell it on the open market. As a public body, the NHS is required to get the best possible price to re-invest in services. In such a high value market like St Ives, the community feared the worst, that the facility would be re-developed for housing or holiday accommodation and be lost forever as a historic building and valued community facility.

The Friends asked the Town Council to step in and negotiate directly with the NHS, which it was able to do, as a public body. Using these powers, enabled the Friends to buy the site direct, rather than it go to the highest bidder.  With an incredible fundraising campaign and community backing, the Friends have managed to raise the funds to buy the site and the terms of the purchase have now been agreed.

As of 25th July 2023, the Edward Hain Centre was bought by the community and will become a health and wellness centre.