St Ives Bay Marine Group

One of Cornwall’s most gorgeous, St Ives Bay offers just about everything that Cornwall has to offer in one place:

  • Spectacular beaches
  • Wide open seascapes Picturesque towns and villages
  • A world heritage site
  • Expansive dune systems
  • Low rocky cliffs
  • An estuary nationally renowned for birds
  • A tourist destination for those wishing to experience its unique beauty
  • Home (full or part time) for many people who make their living in or around the bay
  • A focus for so much human interest, energy and ingenuity
  • St Ives Bay is a hive of activity.

Until now there has been no single forum or voice for those with a shared interest in the bay. If you want to tell others about your association with St Ives Bay and its coastal environs, your business or simply share your thoughts about the bay, you can do so with this group.