St Ives Jumbo Association

In September 2007, for the first time in 100 years, a Jumbo was launched in St Ives harbour.

Jonny Nance researched and built the jumbo which concluded the first stage of our project. It aims to regenerate a harbour and a waterfront community in decline by replicating and learning to sail these 19th century fishing luggers.

The ‘Jumbo’ is uniquely a St Ives thing. It’s a small, open, sailing boat that was specifically designed for the St Ives inshore fishery during the 1880s and so is the perfect candidate for the project.
The idea caught the public’s imagination and took off creating a host of other benefits.
The Jumbo has since become an intrinsic part of the town’s image.

St Ives Jumbo Association is a community-based charity project to pass on and demonstrate the seamanship skills used by fishermen of Cornwall, by building and using a traditional fishing vessel only found in St Ives, Cornwall. The skills demonstrated are knot tying, ‘Lug rig’ sailing and single oared rowing, known in St Ives as ‘Sculling’.

Want to get involved?

The use of our boats is limited to the membership but the good news is that this only costs £30 per annum and is open to absolutely everyone. No previous experience is required.

Basic membership is £30 per year. This allows you to sail as frequently as can be arranged.
Alternatively, for £230, you can buy a ‘Share’ in the building costs of the ‘William Paynter’.
Other events like the ‘Scully day’ or knot tying evenings require a small donation.
There is also a range of Jumbo t-shirts, smocks, postcards etc. available.